Long Island Rail Road’s #1556 is an ALCO RS-3 diesel locomotive built by the American Locomotive Company for the Long Island in 1955. This RS3 was used in both passenger and freight service across Long Island until 1978. After being sold to the Gettysburg tourist railroad in Pennsylvania, RMLI bought #1556 in the spring of 1986 and brought her back to Long Island.

The 1556 was equipped with multiple unit speed control. Original equipment also included a steam generator for heating steam-heated passenger cars which was removed in later years after the passenger cars were modified to no longer require steam for heating purposes. #1556 participated in the official “End of Steam” ceremonies on October 8, 1955.

Original specifications:
Builder: American Locomotive Company
Model: RS-3
Class: AGP-16msc
Prime Mover: Diesel – model 244
Horsepower: 1600

Recent restoration work on the locomotive includes stripping of paint and repainting of the exterior. The sides and ends have been completely stripped, a base coat of primer applied, and gray and orange paint applied. Replacement of some sheet metal on the north side of the cab is also required as shown in the photo below. Work has begun to re-assemble the cab interior, with some masonite walls being replaced and new insulation added. Once the walls are replaced, the cab interior will receive a fresh coat of paint. Work is being performed by Museum volunteers and volunteers from the Twin Forks Chapter of the National Railroad Historical Society (NRHS).

LIRR #1556 at Slater Industrial, Riverhead, NY after returning to Long Island in 1986.

LIRR #1556 after being restored to her original 1955 paint scheme.