Car number #7737 is a class BM-62 combination baggage and mail car. This car was constructed in 1928. It was last used by the LIRR maintenance of way department for carrying tools to various worksites across the island.  The RMLI uses the car for storage at this time but a new 2017 acquisition, the Long Island Rail Road M-1 brake test stand – training aide, is being installed inside the car and will eventually be open to the public to interpret the use of rail cars by the LIRR and Pennsylvania Railroad as mobile classrooms for teaching brake service/repairs to technicians, engineers and conductors.

After spending some time as a circus advertising car, it was time to bring 7737 back to her LIRR pride. The same day #2924 got paint, #7737 got the same treatment of grey and black. Before work started however, we had to remove the old circus lettering from the car so it would not be visible through the old paint.

In 2012, after being featured in a student film project as a working baggage car, #7737 was painted into her as delivered black and Tuscan Red livery.

On September 11, 2016, her north side was dedicated along with #2924 as a memorial to those people, fire fighters and law enforcement members who lost their lives during the attack on the World Trade Center.