The locomotive and three cars have been restored to operating condition and re-painted in the original World’s Fair colors. Track has been laid in an oval approximately 670 feet long at the Riverhead site and the train is available for rides during Museum hours. Restoration of one more car has begun in 2017. Currently covered storage accommodates four cars, while the engine is stored in the engine house.

This 16 inch gauge train was built by the Alan Herschel Company and delivered to the LIRR exhibit at the New York World’s Fair in March 1964. After being part of the LIRR exhibit at the 1964-65 World’s Fair, the train went to the Grumman Aerospace Corp. Calverton, NY site where it was a featured attraction at the annual Grumman Family Picnic. Upon closing of the Calverton site the train was given to the Village of Patchogue, NY which, in turn, donated it to the Museum.