Our Exhibitions for the 2021 Season include at Riverhead, recent artifacts from the ongoing restoration of Pennsylvania Station and at Greenport a celebration of Long Island Agriculture and the Long Island Rail Road, updates to our Conductors and Ticketing exhibit and what we believe is the very last, surviving wooden grade crossing sign from the LIRR.

A section of the Solari Destination Board from LIRR Penn Station
exhibit at Riverhead.

“Albert”the Eagle from Pennsylvania Station, New York.
Platform sign from the Amtrak section of Penn Stations tracks.

A nod to the importance of the railroad to agriculture on Long Island. A vintage burlap bag that carried Maine seed potatoes to Long Island, State of Maine Produce model cars and a solid wooden shovel from the McCauley Potato Brokerage, Brooklyn, New York.
New for 2020, possibly the LAST LIRR wooden sawbuck in existence at Greenport.
The LIRR Fire Brigade Hose Cart comes to its new home at Riverhead RMLI.
March 11, 2020 – This Hose Shed was built by Eagle Scout, Sean Maki.